Audit Your Web Security with Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner

A Firewall is not enough

Firewalls, SSL and hardened networks are futile against web application hacking. Web attacks are carried out over HTTP and HTTPS; the same protocols that are used to deliver content to legitimate users. Web applications are often tailor-made and tested less than off-the-shelf-software; the repercussions of a web attack are often worse than traditional network-based attacks.

  • Detects over 3000 web application vulnerabilities.
  • Scan open-source software and custom-built applications.
  • Detects Critical Vulnerabilities with 100% Accuracy.


Technology Leader in Automated Web Application Security

Acunetix are the pioneers in automated web application security testing with innovative technologies including:

  • DeepScan Technology – for crawling of AJAX-heavy client-side Single Page Applications (SPAs).
  • Industry’s most advanced SQL Injection and Cross-site Scripting testing – includes advanced detection of DOM-based XSS.
  • AcuSensor Technology – Combines black box scanning techniques with feedback from its sensors placed inside source code.


DeepScan Technology: Crawl and Scan Accurately

Acunetix includes Acunetix DeepScan Technology – a fully automated web browser that can understand, and seamlessly interact with complex web technologies.

  • Crawl and scan HTML5 web applications, and execute JavaScript like a real browser.
  • Interacts with AJAX, SOAP/WSDL, SOAP/WCF, REST/WADL, XML, JSON, Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and CRUD operations.
  • Analyzes web applications developed in Ruby on Rails and Java Frameworks including Java Server Faces (JSF), Spring and Struts.