The Enterprise Level Monitoring Solution

Unified Dashboard

Fully customizable and interactive dashboards

  • Create custom dashboards to display only what is important to you, using simple drag and drop widgets that are easy to modify.
  • Gain deeper insights and understanding through easily digestible graphs and maps.
  • Advanced Filters based around rules that are simple to create.


Unparalleled Scalability In Distributed Environments

  • One configuration interface for multiple datacenters – complete control over Multiple data centers in one view.
  • Real redundancy with built in load balancing and a complete fault tolerance.
  • Simple and secure scale out architecture through distributed pollers for performance and isolated networks.
  • Scale up or scale down- add or remove devices seamlessly with our developer friendly API.


Endless Possibilities To Automate

  • Event handler – Smart monitoring with self healing capabilities.
  • Self provisioning monitoring.
  • Improved organizational efficiency – reduce the possibility of human error and free up resources.
  • Easy integration with 3rd party solutions – Ticket systems, CRM’s, communication platforms.


Developer Friendly Interface

  • REST API that returns JSON & XML.
  • Read, write, delete and update data in a simple, programmatic way.
  • Submit events and metrics from your custom applications and solutions.
  • Multi-tenant ready -full control over permissions for the individuals/groups who access the API.