Training Code:

Red Hat System Administration Basic

Red Hat System Administration Basic training provide a foundation for Linux system administrators. Key command line concepts and enterprise-level tools. Designed for IT professionals focusing on core administration tasks.

Beginner – Medium

10 hours (2 days)

Any computer skill with no prior Linux Experience.

Course content:

  1. Linux command line
  • Local console
  • Bash Shell
  • Managing physical storage
    • Linux File System Hierarchy
    • Managing Files using command-line tools
  • Software component and services
    • Services and Daemons
    • Understanding of system and systemctl
  • Network connections
    • Networking concepts
    • Configuring with nmcli
  • Configure and Securing OpenSSH
    • Remote command line with SSH
    • SSH Key-based Authentication
  • Monitoring and managing processes
    • Monitoring Process Activity
    • Controlling Jobs
  • Managing and securing files
    • Linux File System Permissions
    • Controlling Access
  • Administrating users and groups
    • Managing User and Group
    • Superuser Access
  • Red Hat Linux Software Packages
    • Subscription Software Updates
    • RPM Software Packages
    • yum Software Repository
  • Virtualized Systems
    • Installing and Managing Virtualization Host
  • System log files and journal
    • System Log Architecture
    • Journal Entries
    • Analyzing and Storing logs