Training Code:

Acunetix v12 Technical Administrator

Acunetix are the pioneers in Automated Web Application Security Testing with an engineering lead in website structure analysis and vulnerability detection. This course provides administrator to the key knowledge and skills to scanning and administer the Acunetix Enterprise V12. You will also learn how to manage the vulnerability with Acunetix Vulnerability management.


5 hours (1 day)


  • Basic understanding Web Application
  • Basic knowledge of Networking and Security

Course content:

  1. Acunetix v12 Overview
  • Acunetix Architecture
  • Black-box, Grey-box, Out-of-Band testing
  • Target and Scan
    • Understand on Target
    • Scanning technology
    • Scanning type
    • Scheduling
  • Acunetix Technology
    • Login Sequence
    • AcuSensor
    • AcuMonitor
  • Vulnerability Management
    • Filtering and Grouping
    • Alert and Risk level
    • Handling false positive
    • Re-testing vulnerability
    • Issue tracker Integration
    • WAF Integration
    • Scanning progress
  • Reporting and Dashboard
    • Dashboard and trend
    • Standard Report
    • Compliance Report
    • Compare Scan Report